Joel & Sony's Family Home - Final Phase!
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Joel & Sony's Family Home - Final Phase!
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Over the past two years, our wonderful supporters have brought Joel & Sony's Family Home from a dream to a nearly finished reality.  Over $14K has been raised and put to use in building the main structure and roof.  Now, we're calling this last push for funds the "Final Phase."  Will you help make this home livable and give Joel, Sony, and their 8 brothers a fighting chance?  

The Espwa Foundation will match donations dollar for dollar up to a maximum of $2,000 ($2,000 supporter generated + $2,000 matched funds = $4,000). We appreciate your dedication and support to this life-giving project. 

ABOUT Joel & Sony

Joel and Sony hold a special place in many of our hearts. We first met Sony several years ago, hanging out in the yard of a local orphanage we frequent. As a "street kid," he was not part of the orphanage and couldn't attend the school there.  We'd see him on every trip, just hanging out in that same yard.  It took us a few years to really get to know him and hear his family's difficult story.  Espwa has been supporting his education for the past two years.  At the same time, and unbeknownst to our team, one of the families in our network, the Hoobler's, formed a relationship with Sony's brother, Joel.  They grew to sincerely admire his work ethic at school and in the support of his family.  This trustworthy young man had been slowly working to build his family a home with whatever income he could scrape together.   

If you know our story at Espwa, you understand that we desire to partner with our Haitian friends in positive ways.  We strive to be a "hand up, not a hand out," building relationships based on trust and commitment. We seek to walk through life with our friends, partnering with them, getting their input, and building them up as productive friends. So when the Hoobler's approached us with an idea to partner with Joel and Sony in a bigger way, we were excited.   

We crafted an agreement with Joel where he would become an apprentice for our farming project lead, Jovenel.  Joel worked with the farming initiative over the next year, assisting Jovenel and at the same time, gaining much mentoring and support in a skill he was interested in learning.  In exchange, we assisted Joel with funds that were put toward the completion of his family's home.  This opportunity brought accountability, tought new skills, and has hopefully set him up for a bright future.  We also plan to work with Sony to see what skills and desires he has and try to match him with a project or small business opportunity that is the best fit for his long term success.  

We can only do this with your generous support.  Please consider a donation towards this project and change several lives in the process. Thank you!

Name Date Amount Comments
Amy Hoobler 06/08/2021 $309.27  
Amy Hoobler 03/03/2021 $309.27  
Amy Hoobler 02/26/2021 $154.79  
Lisa Puhala 10/08/2020 $102.02  
Amy Hoobler 09/09/2020 $1,030.18  
Amy Hoobler 06/28/2019 $2,000.00  
Insun Hong 05/28/2019 $50.00 Good luck!
  Total $3,955.53  
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